Trius Winery ~ Tasting Stars Experience


The story goes that after seeing the Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto, with the aquatic life swimming above you and all around you, the folks at Trius Winery wanted to create a similar feeling in the cellar where they house sparkling wine. So they created a glass enclosed tunnel and with the idea that one could walk into the tunnel and be surrounded by bottles of sparkling as it aged. However, they needed someone to imagine it and then build it.

For this project I designed and pitched the project to the client, procured the technology, and project managed the installation.

It consists of:

    • two projectors that project bubbles onto the floor that appear to rise from beneath it
    • a custom printed back wall facade with backlit LED graphics and a UHD TV embedded with a reveal in the shape of a champagne flute
    • an LED curtain that runs on top of the tunnel to illuminate the bottles above
    • A custom made audio landscape that culminates with a triggered sparkling wine cork popping that illuminates the TV queuing a 96fps video of sparkling being poured and a logo sting.
    • The end is designed to be a “tweetable moment”
    • As of July 2017 – the there is new lighting that sparkles outside of the tunnel and plans to project on the floor in the tunnel proper.

    Here is the sparkling video running on the floor through projectors.

Credits go to:
Beth Kates and Ben Chiasson of Playground Studios for collaborating on the audio and visual build.

Ramm Design Labs for the build of the backwall.

Barbara Worthy for the audio recording, conception and design.

Kim Van Stygeren: design and visioning

Ethan Rising: Audio engineering, installation and programming.


  • Trius Winery